ASOS DESIGN Tall Farleigh high waist slim mom jeans in neo wash Deep blue Asos Tall GMp2JnC

ASOS DESIGN Tall Farleigh high waist slim mom jeans in neo wash - Deep blue Asos Tall GMp2JnC
ASOS DESIGN Tall Farleigh high waist slim mom jeans in neo wash - Deep blue Asos Tall
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India, the largest democracy in the world, just passed some seriously strong net neutrality protections. Meanwhile, the US is not just falling..

India just approved net neutrality rules that ban "any form" of data discrimination India’s Department of Telecommunications has approved net neutrality rules that were proposed last year. They ban blocking, throttling, and zero-rating internet data, with some exceptions.

1 day ago

Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has the scariest views on #netneutrality we have ever encountered…

Joshuas Woman Appliqu 6V9n0RdZfU

3 days ago

We will know in a few hours who Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court will be. One of the top candidates is a big opponent of net neutrality. Learn..

One of Trump’s Top SCOTUS Contenders Is a Major Net Neutrality Opponent Judge Brett Kavanaugh argued that the regulations violated the First Amendment rights of ISPs.

4 days ago

The big grey eye-sores in downtown LA, ATL, NYC, DC, SF, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle are where ATT helps the NSA spy on you.

The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities These fortress-like ATT buildings are central to a secret NSA program that has monitored billions of communications, documents and sources reveal.

2 weeks ago

Amazon’s own employees join over 150,000 activists to demand Amazon stop selling their facial recognition software to law enforcement!

Amazon workers 'refuse' to build tech for US immigration, citing Hitler 'IBM’s systems were employed in the 1940s to help Hitler. We will not let that happen again'

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Consumer protection is an umbrella term covering a group of laws and organizations that protect the rights of consumers and foster the free flow of accurate information in the marketplace. Consumer protection laws are designed to prevent businesses from engaging in fraud or unfair practices, to protect individuals from scam artists, and identity thieves and crooks.

Consumer protection involves everyday issues and threats like identity theft, sales contracts, lemon laws, travel and fraud. A consumer is anyone who acquires goods or services for direct use or ownership.

All consumers should learn how to do simple things like manage a credit score, read the fine print on a gift card and understand the importance of choosing a secure email password. It's also important to know when the law is on your side and when to contact an attorney to help you enforce your rights.

Organizations and agencies like the Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau promote and sometimes enforce consumer protection laws. But if you are victimized and a consumer law has been broken, the legal system is one place you can go to be made whole again.

Consumer protection laws protect individual consumers from being taken advantage of – be it by a large corporation, or a local business. Consumer transactions such as buying, selling and returning goods are regulated at both the state and federal levels. Many consumer protection laws also involve credit, banking and related financial matters.

Some consumer laws require disclosure of detailed information about products — particularly in areas where safety or public health is an issue. Lawmakers have passed a host of food labeling laws, for instance. The nutritional labels on food products are the result of consumer protection laws. Furthermore, food and drug safety laws have become more prevalent as lawmakers seek to prevent consumers from being harmed by improperly prepared goods.

Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the nation, robbing its victims of time, money and peace of mind. Identity thieves often use the Internet but can also obtain sensitive personal data from trash cans and other unsecured locations.

The virtual world is fraught with real world dangers, which is why consumers should exercise caution online. A lot of questions come to mind when dealing with the online world, like: Should you post photos of your children online? How do you protect your identity online? How do you respond to "spam" email? FindLaw's resources on Online Scams provide answers to those questions and more.

Even travel and sporting events can trigger consumer protection issues. Traveling typically involves a number of consumer agreements and contracts, including rental car agreements and airline reservations. Consumers often form contracts without even knowing it, like those printed on the back of tickets for travel or for sports events. Even just parking in a lot may have legal consequences that consumers are unaware of.

An experienced consumer protection or personal injury attorney is well versed in state and federal laws protecting consumers and has experience pursuing such lawsuits. FindLaw's Consumer Protection section has articles on federal aviation rules, articles about protecting your identity, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, state-specific information about lemon laws and much more.

Consumer Transactions

Lemon Law

Online Scams

Financial Consumer Protection

Securities Law

Travel Rules Rights


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Jul 14, 2018

Hi Becky, there are a couple of points of relevance here. Firstly, what is regarded as normal in any country is actually determined by the pathology labs. It has nothing to do with clinical deficiency. Basically the path labs average out their data and then define normal as what falls within 90% of the values that they assess, with low being the lowest 5%. Thus, normal B12 is different in every country and is totally dependent upon diet. I have no idea who came up with this concept as it is absolutely ludicrous. Second, levels in the USA are relatively high because of B12 and folate supplementation of many foods. In Japan they eat lot of sea-food which tends to boost the levels. Many studies have shown that sub-clinical deficiency (as defined by elevated MMA and Hcy) starts at 250 nmol/L or 340 ng/ml. There are, however, a lot of problems even with this assessment. The most accessible way to tell if you are deficient is via MMA, Hcy levels combined with B12 and most importantly symptoms.

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Andre says

Spirulina Pacifica is a source of Cobalamin.



Greg Bryson says

That paper indicates that 36% “of the total corrinoid vitamin B-12 activity in Spirulina is human active.” However, if some cobamides inhibit b12 activity, I have to wonder about the remaining 64% in that form of Spirulina. Further, it is not clear that the percentage comes from any of the papers cited at the bottom of that article, so I don’t see how to verify their claim.


Christine Thole says

Please help! I have horrific optic nerve pain and the only reason found could be low b12 ( 150). The doctors say “that is a little low”, but in reading the thread it seems it is really low. 6 months of b12 injections and nerve pain subsided, just had it checked and I am in the 400 range and all of a sudden I have horrific optic nerve pain again??? I have no appetite yet have put on 20 pounds! I have read that low b12 causes both weight gain and loss. I seem to find conflicting arguments on anything I read.


Hi Christine, interesting problem that you have. Be aware that the serum B12 that you measure (400) will be the same type of B12 that was injected, it may not represent active B12. Thus, if you were injected with cyanocobalamin, that is what is most likely in your serum. Cyanocobalamin is a sort of pro-vitamin form of vitamin B12, and must be converted to methyl and adenosyl cobalamin within the cell. The next thing is that when they measure serum B12 it can be on one of two different proteins (i) transcobalamin (the active transporter to take the B12 into the cell and (ii) haptocorrin (this is not active for cellular transport). Hence, just because your B12 level is now 400, if your symptoms have returned it suggests that first, the analogue measured in serum is the inactive one, and second, the B12 that is there is not bound to transcobalamin. As for weight gain and weight loss. You need both methyl and adenosyl cobalamin (B12) to properly process your energy derived from fat, and proteins, without it you may feel hungry and so put on weight but feel like you have no energy. You also need vitamin B1 to properly process sugar, so if you are low in this you won’t get energy even from sugar. As an adjunct to this you need riboflavin (vitamin B2). If you are hypothyroidic all of this can be a problem. The most important thing is to treat the symptoms as the diagnosis can be ambiguous.


How is your daughter? I am asking because my 16 yr old daughter has been suffering similarly and I am beginning to question many of her struggles as B-12 deficiency, but she is in the low end of ‘normal’ so I am wondering if I can get a doctor to treat her.


Drew: do you ever experience jaundice coloration? Are you taking any supplements for weight gain or muscle enhancements like in the health food stores–that could raise your creatinine or also high meat diets as well as dehydration? What about diet-do you eat high meat diets or have adequate fruits and veggies? Another question-do you consume enough water in a day?


drew says

I have been experiencing weight loss, fatigure, numbness and sharp pain on the bottom of my feet at few times daily, low appetite. The levels below have already been ran by my doctor but he feels as if I am fine. I am wondering if anyone knows how to interpret these levels and could possibly help me out. I have lost 20+ pounds in the past month to two months and am in the Air Force. These military doctors don’t seem to know a whole lot and I don’t have the choice to be seen off base because my insurance won’t cover it. I was healthy and active at around 165 pounds a year ago and am currently struggling to stay above 130 pounds.

Thyrotropin Sensitive Chemistry/Hematology Test Name Result Units Reference Range Thyrotropin, Serum or Plasma Quantitative Detection limit <= 0.05 mIU/L 1.75 mcIU/mL (0.34-4.82)

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Chemistry/Hematology 17 Sep 2013 @ 1831 Test Name Result Units (Reference Range) Albumin, Serum or Plasma Quantitative 4.9 g/dL (3.4-5.0) Bilirubin, Serum or Plasma Quantitative 1.5 Higher Than Normal mg/dL (1.0) Calcium, Serum or Plasma Quantitative 9.8 mg/dL (8.4-10.2) Carbon Dioxide, Serum or Plasma Quantitative 25.7 mmol/L (21-32) Creatinine, Serum or Plasma Quantitative 1.5 Higher Than Normal mg/dL (0.6-1.3) Glucose, Serum or Plasma Quantitative 84 mg/dL (70-110) Alkaline Phosphatase, Serum or Plasma Quantitative 96 U/L (50-136) Potassium, Serum or Plasma Quantitative 4.8 mmol/L (3.6-5.0) Protein, Serum or Plasma Quantitative 7.9 g/dL (6.4-8.2) Sodium, Serum or Plasma Quantitative 142 mmol/L (137-145) Alanine Aminotransferase, Serum or Plasma Quantitative 30 U/L (30-65) Aspartate Aminotransferase, Serum or Plasma Quantitative 10 Lower Than Normal U/L (15-37) Urea Nitrogen, Serum or Plasma Quantitative 15 mg/dL (7-18) Chloride, Serum or Plasma Quantitative 103 mmol/L (98-108)

CBC Profile Chemistry/Hematology 17 Sep 2013 @ 1831 Test Name Result Units (Reference Range) Leukocytes, Blood Quantitative Automated Count 9.88 x10(3)/mcL (4.0-10.2) Erythrocytes, Blood Quantitative Automated Count 4.57 Lower Than Normal x10(6)/mcL (4.69-6.13) Hemoglobin, Blood Quantitative 15.3 g/dL (13.5-17.5) Hematocrit, Blood Quantitative Automated Count 42.3 % (41-53) Mean Corpuscular Volume, RBC Quantitative Automated Count 92.6 fL (80-100) Erythrocyte Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin, RBC Quantitative Automated Count 33.5 pg (26-34) Erythrocyte Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration, RBC Quantitative Automated Count 36.2 Higher Than Normal g/dL (31-36) Platelets, Blood Quantitative Automated Count 265 x10(3)/mcL (150-400) Erythrocyte Distribution Width CV, RBC Quantitative Automated Count 12.5 % (11.5-14.5) Platelet Mean Volume, Blood Quantitative Automated 9.7 fL (8.3-12.0) Neutrophils/100 Leukocytes, Blood Quantitative Automated Count 72.7 % (37.0-80.0) Lymphocytes/100 Leukocytes, Blood Quantitative Automated Count 18.7 % (10.0-50.0) Monocytes/100 Leukocytes, Blood Quantitative Automated Count 7.6 % (0.0-12.0) Eosinophils/100 Leukocytes, Blood Quantitative Automated Count 0.6 % (0.0-7.0) Basophils/100 Leukocytes, Blood Quantitative Automated Count 0.4 % (0.0-2.5)

Microscopic Urine Chemistry/Hematology 17 Sep 2013 @ 1830 Test Name Result Units Reference Range Leukocytes, Urine Sediment Quantitative Light Microscopy HPF NONE OBSERVED /HPF (NONEOBS) Erythrocytes, Urine Sediment Quantitative Light Microscopy HPF NONE OBSERVED /HPF (0-2) Bacteria, Urine Sediment Quantitative Light Microscopy HPF TRACE /HPF (NEG) Mucus, Urine Sediment Semi-Quantitative Light Microscopy 1+ Higher Than Normal (NEG) Epithelial Cells.Squamous, Urine Sediment Quantitative Light Microscopy HPF 0-1 /HPF (RARE)

Urinalysis Chemistry/Hematology 17 Sep 2013 @ 1830 Test Name Result Units Reference Range Color, Urine Qualitative YELLOW (YELLOW) Appearance, Urine Qualitative CLEAR (CLEAR) Specific Gravity, Urine Quantitative Test Strip 1.025 (1.005-1.025) Protein, Urine Semi-Quantitative Test Strip 2+ (NEGATIVE) Glucose, Urine Semi-Quantitative Test Strip NEGATIVE (NEGATIVE) Ketones, Urine Semi-Quantitative Test Strip NEGATIVE (NEGATIVE) Bilirubin, Urine Semi-Quantitative Test Strip NEGATIVE (NEGATIVE) Blood, Urine Semi-Quantitative Test Strip NEGATIVE (NEGATIVE) Nitrite, Urine Semi-Quantitative Test Strip NEGATIVE (NEGATIVE) Leukocyte Esterase, Urine Semi-Quantitative Test Strip NEGATIVE (NEGATIVE) pH, Urine Semi-Quantitative Test Strip 6.0 (5.0-7.5) Urobilinogen, Urine Quantitative Test Strip 0.2 EU/dL (0.2-1.0)


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