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Columbia Care NY


Columbia Care NY is proud to offer a product line that merges industry-leading cannabis cultivation standards with cutting-edge pharmaceutical-grade technology. Each product we carry is precision-engineered to deliver controlled-dose cannabis medicine in a variety of patient-oriented formats and condition-specific cannabinoid concentrations. Our product lines are designed to meet the diverse needs of qualifying patients in the New York State Medical Marijuana Program. Columbia Care NY’s expert staff is available to provide individual guidance in the proper use of each product and answer any questions you have.

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Tincture is a cannabis-infused liquid solution that can be swallowed or administered under the tongue and absorbed through the gums. This option is popular among patients seeking long-lasting symptom relief. When swallowed, tincture has a slow onset and may take 60-90 minutes before effects are felt. Patients are encouraged to exercise caution and allow each dose to take full effect before an additional dose is taken. When consumed sublingually (beneath the tongue), tincture can produce effects within 15 minutes. This method is popular with patients seeking more immediate symptom relief.


We are transitioning to the new product in the instructional video above; Womens 1997 W Trainers Mbt rkkAJ6kUg

Vaporization technology allows cannabis extract to be heated into a mist or vapor form and inhaled by the patient. This option is popular among patients seeking immediate symptom relief and offers the benefit of precise dosage control. Columbia Care NY has developed a state-of-the-art personal vaporizer system exclusively for New York medical marijuana patients. This innovative approach provides patients with the convenience and versatility of inhaled cannabis in a health-focused format. Womens Kkbraydin3 Trainers Kendall Kylie nYEQb9X
for instructions in how to use the product.

Hard-pressed tablets are the latest addition to Columbia Care’s product line. Similar to capsules, hard-pressed tablets may be popular with patients seeking long-lasting symptom relief or whose condition limits fine motor control and requires a traditional easy-to-use medication. If desired, hard-pressed tablets can be broken in half to create two half-strength doses.


Columbia Care NY is proud to offer the nation’s first pharmaceutical-grade, controlled-dose, solid-fill medical cannabis capsules. Our proprietary technology offers patients a product in the familiar format of solid capsules with precise cannabinoid content. This option is popular with patients seeking long-lasting symptom relief or whose condition limits fine motor control and requires a traditional easy-to-use medication.


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#java #beginners

We all have been there: we spent so much time into a project, we make sure to run each and every possible scenario we might think off in order to make it as good as possible. But when you let someone else try it out they find small edge cases that can make your app behave in unexpected ways.

In order to prevent that from happening too often, we use different types of testing techniques: Unit Testing, Integration Testing and End-To-End Testing. Although the later (End-To-End Testing) can be made by either developers or Quality Assurance team members.

This is also known as the Testing Pyramid

Try not to be distracted about the other two types of test mentioned before, but rather focus on the idea that we can expect our unit test to be far more in quantity than the others, but keep in mind that they don't replace each other. They are all important .

They are all important

Enough chitchat, let's start coding, shall we?

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Math.java hosted with ❤ by GitHub

The very first thing we need to do is to add the TestNG framework to our project. This will provide us with a set of classes and annotations which will come in handy later.

This can be done 2 ways: manually or using Maven in your project. Feel free to skip the other depending on how you setup your project.

You can follow Rag amp; Bone Woman Standard Issue Embroidered Suede Sneakers Sand Size 385 Rag amp; Bone JBFiq1
in order to add it manually.

In case you haven't done it, make sure to select the Enable auto-import option that should appear on the bottom right of your screen. This will allow IntelliJ IDEA to automatically detect any changes made to your pom.xml and refresh it accordingly. Life saver :)

For the sake of this post, we will not be applying TDD (Test Driven-Development) techniques, our focus will be on getting to know how to write test classes and methods.

So, in order for us to start, we will need to create a class inside our src/test/java/ directory, and name it MathTests .

The use of the suffix "Tests" at the end of a testing class name is a common naming convention that will allow other developers and yourself to quickly know, without opening the file, that it has testing logic inside of it.

Which should look like this:

Can you spot any difference from a regular class and this one?

And that's fine.

What makes a class a "testing class" is not it's signature, but actually it's methods and it's important for these classes to be inside a directory marked as a Test Source Root.

It is not personal, Fredd, but the reason that studies are done is the fact that people have different reactions and benefits from rememdies. If any Dr. or diagnostician took the word of patients from a website without the benefit of medical studies, they would be remiss. I can appreciate that you have been fortunate in what you have found to be the healing combination for your disease or lack of ability to properly absorb B12. However, you understand that the reasons we have this problem are not the same for all and for that reason, as well as the complications for each individuals health issues surrounding their deficiencies, you cannot just look at what worked for one person or a group of people. I don’t care how knowledgeable they are or seem. Hence, I have to have something for my Dr. I cannot go in there and say “This worked for Fredd” and him say, “Well, that is all I need to hear. If it worked for Fredd and his peers, it must be right for you”. The amount of ignorance in the medical community about this defiiciency, along with my inability to even find the right kind of B12, if baffling at best. So, believe what I choose? I cannot even find the damn vitamin to treat myself.


Hi Jan,

Well, You could try the the vitamines that thousands of others have found works very well. You can test the hypothesis that they work better than any injection you have had. That is testable by you. You don’t have to have a doctors ok to take an OTC vitamin. That too is your choice. The medical profession based on the research on a Nobel prize winning mistake, has taken a seriously wrong turn whrn it comes to b12 and folate. These deficiency diseases are largly manmade. When you get desparate, enough as I and many others have, you likely will try the vitamins. Fixing the problem works irrespective of the cause of deficiency which are mosrtly not repairable and most would die before they would ever find out that why they are deficient. IF insufficiency amounts to 1 or 2%. A tiny fraction to bacterial overgrowth or parasites. The rest are not from known or maybe recognized causes. Don’t hold your breath. Your serum level is sufficiently and dangerously low that IF insufficiency for one reason or another is a pretty good bet,.It really is serious to get this taken care of one way or another. And LOTS of studies have been done showing that using a daily b12 supllement is more than equivalent to 1-3 month interval injections. Good luck.


AGAIN Fredd, IF I could find them. Are you in the states? I am. I cannot find methyl anything! I cannot “try” a blessed thing. I would not inject anything I did not get fr a pharmacy and have concerns where I buy any med. there were contamination issues, is what the pharmacist intimated when I asked, and he said you have to have the patent to make it. NO one can get it, none of the pharmacies. I have called everywhere.

And again, this is not personal. Please don’t make me feel attacked and or belittled. I am glad it worked for you. I have been tested for everything we need to look for and I am not an idiot, I am older than you and have been on this list for some time. Thx.


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