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Due to Hurricane Maria, wait times for the Call Center are abnormally high. If possible, please utilize Mobile Banking , Online Banking , BBVA Wallet or our automated system.

IMPORTANT- Update on Impact of Hurricane Irma on Bank Operations – Wednesday, September 14, 2017 3 p.m. CT:

As operations continue to return to normal, this will be the last status update unless conditions change.

The following applies to Cash Vault services and Brink’s courier service for the areas affected by Hurricane Irma: All cash vaults in the Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina markets have returned to normal operations, with the exception of Ft. Myers, FL. Ft. Myers - Continues to experience limited operations in vault processing due to storm damages. All normal routes are being performed by the courier for deposit pick-up and change order delivery.

For clients using ACH , we have been advised that certain financial institutions are temporarily closed which will delay transactions and ACH returns involving those institutions (for instance, FIs in U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico). Please be advised that additional institutions may be affected as Hurricane Jose progresses. NACHA rules provide for accommodation for these situations (e.g. Section 1.5 of the NACHA Operating Rules). BBVA Compass ACH operations and systems are not anticipated to be affected.

Our Business Relationship Services will be conducting business-as-usual on all days with calls and emails being re-routed to unaffected areas. Continue to utilize your designated regional BRS contact information.

BBVA Compass extends its hope that each of our customers and employees can work towards rebuilding all that may have been lost. We encourage you to continue to stay diligent about your safety, as damages from the storm present continued hazards.

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Charge 2 calorie counter incredibly low after workout

‎09-19-2017 05:16

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‎09-19-2017 05:16

I've had my Charge 2 for several months now and I use it to track my calories burned during workouts. I focus on Barre, Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, TRX, and some bootcamp classes, and they are all 1 hour long.

I'm finding that my Charge 2 seems to be logging super low calories burned from the workout compared to others in the class who have Fitbit devices, Samsung Gear devices, and Apple Watches. For example, this morning I did a Barre Cardio class (30 minutes of Barre with 30 minutes of Tabata cardio incorporated) and it's saying that I burned 209 calories while 2 other people in the class said their devices picked up 390 and 420 calories burned. (Another issue of concern is steps counted, but I cannot give an example of that today because I didn't ask, but it said after that class I only took 300 "steps", but after jumping jacks, skaters, squat jumps, burpees, jump rope, and sumo squats jumps I would think it would have registered more than just 300 steps based on the arm movements)

I know that calories burned are not going to be the exact same from person to person, because it depends on heart rate, but for mine to be almost 200 calories lower seems a bit odd.

I have it set in the settings that it is on my right arm (which it is) and I am right arm dominant. It's tight on my wrist for accurate heart rate. I'm at a loss for what to do, I dug through other forms to see if there was another suggestion, but it seems that everyone seems to be having the opposite problem of calorie counting.


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‎09-23-2017 11:00


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‎09-23-2017 11:00

Hey @SarahLaGrone , it is cool to see new faces around! Remember that, most of those activities that you mentioned, aren't step-based activities, so your Charge 2 won't track all of those movements as steps.

What I have not seen mentioned is the condition of MTHFR acronym for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase , which may be the actual root cause for the B12 deficiencies. This is a genetic condition that is rather common (some stats show upwards of 30% of the population), which causes breakdowns in the pathways that allow for adequate absorption of many of the B vitamins.. mainly folic acid and B12. B6 is also affected. There is a saying that MTHFR is not a problem until it is a big problem and many people and doctors have never heard of it. The Big problems usually represent via blood clots, fetal death and thrombosis. It is very important that people with MTHFR take the active form of vitamins including methyll forms of folic acid and B12. It is important to know the root cause as this is a genetic condition that can have life altering problems with a very easy fix (i.e. regulating folic intake and B12 intake.) Women, this is very important if you are of child bearing age and are thinking about getting pregnant. You must be on a methylfolate for more than 3 months at very high does (usually given via a prescription). I found out the hard way loosing two children that I have this condition, which is heartbreaking but a gift to the rest of my family who all have been tested. Such an easy fix and so tragic that it is on so few doctor’s radar screens. People suffering from anxiety, depression, joint and nerve pain and a multitude of other issues could in fact have MTHFR as a root cause.

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Finndian says

Its been mentioned several times here however another time for the new readers never hurts. My big sign of low B12 is hoarse sounding voice and CANKER SORES. Several studies show that B12 helps clear up recurrent canker sores.

I suffered all my life with horrible cankers… found I had the MTHFR polymorphism, cured the deficiency with the methyl forms of both B12 and folate and POOF… gone. Haven’t had one canker sore in 8 years.


Eve says

Do you know where I can find hydroxycobalamin B12? I cannot tolerate methylB12, am on GAPS and now expecting – so I don’t want a huge dose either. Any ideas? Thanks!



Greg’s company is in Australia, so shipping from there should be feasible for you. Just waiting for the announcement of his website.

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